Backend Features

Backend Features!

Our online banking platforms are built with purely modular infrastructures implemented with AWS micro-servers.

Our online banking platforms boast purely modular infrastructures, empowered by Omega AWS Micro Servers. Each service can independently scale, meeting the demand for specific application features. This approach allows teams to precisely adjust infrastructure needs, accurately assess feature costs, and ensure continuous availability even during surges in demand.

Omega AWS is purposefully crafted to facilitate swift and secure hosting for application providers, ISVs, and vendors. Whether it's an existing application or a cutting-edge SaaS-based application, Omega  AWS is your go-to solution. Accessing AWS's application hosting platform is made seamless through the AWS Management Console or well-documented web services APIs.

Experience the advanced capabilities of Omega AWS, where you can effortlessly run code, manage data, and integrate applications—all without the hassle of server management. Unleash the potential of scalable and efficient online banking with our modular AWS Micro Servers.

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